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Vision. One Small Word. Speaks Volumes.
by Tom Argiro, chairman on October 17th, 2016

Stephen Covey identified seven habits of highly effective people.  In his book of the same title, Covey describes the second habit as "Begin With The End In Mind." Covey takes us through an exercise in that chapter of imagining what it would be like to attend your own funeral. If you could witness what people say about you after you're gone, are they going to say what you want to hear? 

Covey asserts that by keeping the end point in mind, you can begin shaping your direction now. Nurture the relationships that matter to you. Make a positive impact on this world every chance you have.  We never know when that chance will be over.

Apply The Lesson To Your Company

​What does this have to do with your small business, or the North Phoenix Chamber of Commerce? Why am I covering this in today's newsletter?  

It's a good reminder that each of us should occasionally work on our business, not just in it.  We each should take a step back and do some strategic planning.  Now that we're in 4th quarter, this is a good time to assess where you've been and start setting goals for 2017. 

I encourage you to schedule some time to review your mission and vision statements. Do they still make sense?  Do you have strategic goals, long term targets?  Are you making progress towards those goals? Perform a SWOT analysis.  What are your company's internal strengths and weaknesses? What are the market opportunties and exteral threats to your business? How do you capitalize on those strengths, minimize your weaknesses, take advantage of opportunites, midigate threats?

One of the most concise 4 1/2 minute videos I've found on the subject of strategic planning is here:

How This Applies To The Chamber

As for the Chamber, the focus of this week's board meeting is going to be a strategic planning session for the same reasons. We will be assessing 1) where we are and 2) where we are heading. We will ensure that our focus is true to our mission of fostering growth in the community, and that we continue being an important part of your company's growth. 

As I heard Denis Waitley once say, "if you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything." Begin with the end in mind. Know where you are heading. It's the only way you'll know if you are traveling in the right direction.

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