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Training a Flea.
by Edward Gomillion on May 10th, 2012

You may not know this but a flea can be trained. Fleas can normally jump 200 times the length of their body. That would be about 13 inches. What do you think happens when fleas are placed in a jar 8 inches high and the lid screwed on? Well I will tell you. After three days, the lid can be removed and the fleas will not jump higher than the top of the jar. They have been "conditioned" to only jump 8 inches. Never higher, never escaping the confines of the jar. What's even more interesting is that when they have offspring in the jar they too will only jump 8 inches high. Never jumping higher than the collective group.

So, why am I writing to tell you this? Good question. I want you to think about the invisible lid that has been pace on your life. Has it been placed there by yourself or the collective in your "jar"?

It's time to remove the lid of limitations in your personal and professional life. Break the darn jar! You can jump higher and farther than you could ever imagine. What ever you think about yourself right now... you're better than that.

I wish you huge success.

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