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Social Media Frenzy...
by Edward Gomillion on January 11th, 2012

Social Media has become an industry in and of itself. The need for businesses to promote their services and goods has not changed, but the medium in which we find these businesses has. Enter the world of Social Media.

For many of my friends and associates there seems to be a slight disconnect with technology in general. It's not that we don't know how to use it (contrary to the Gen Y'ers belief) it's just that I would much rather make a 2 minute phone call, get all the information and be done with it. The whole texting thing takes 3 times as long and information is ambiguous at best. I don't know is it just me or do you feel the same way?

Social Media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are great. After all they are FREE! The platform should be kept professional if you are using the page for your business. As a matter of fact there are several social media fopaux's that you should be aware of. There is alot to learn on how to maximize the effectiveness of these tools. My question for you is this: How has Social Media enhanced your profitability? I would love to know.

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