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Growth, growth, and what was the third thing? Oh yeah, growth.
by Edward Gomillion on May 24th, 2011

I think that financially we all want the same thing. That is to be financially secure, have no financial stress, and be able to pursue personal interests.
From my experience it is not just money (greed) that people are after. It is what the money can provide by way of lifestyle. It has often been said that money can't buy happiness. We know this to be true because there are plenty of unhappy wealthy people. We also know that poverty can't buy happiness either. So how do we find the sweet success that we all long for? The answer is growth. Personal and professional growth. The challenge has always been figuring out how to grow your net worth in a cost effective way. This is why everywhere you turn there is a networking group for you to attend. Networking is essential to business growth. After all, if they don't know you exist they won't call.
The North Phoenix Chamber of Commerce has a better way of networking for you to consider. The difference is in the philosophy and climate of our groups. Yes, we want growth and referrals for ourselves. However, we want to first be thinking about how we can help our Chamber brothers and sisters with referrals and contacts. It is due to this culture of thinking that our groups don't have to be the largest in number. Our members are an amazing resource to each other as human contact databases.
Join me on this fantastic mission to help NPCC members grow. To see change in the world you must first become change you wish to see. I am looking forward to creating positive change in our community with your help.

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